Monday, April 02, 2007

Again, hello! I am new to blogging and am beginning to figure this world out. For example, I have tried to change the layout and edit out my spelling errors in my description. The edit function does not seem to work (or more likely, I do not know how to work the edit function.)

The purpose of this post is to figure out the "insert picture" option. Let's try.

O. K., I got a message that there were errors in the upload. I suppose the computer didn't like my picture so I will try another:

This time it worked. You should be seeing an example of a ewer attributed to Palissy! What does this have to do with garden history? Glad you asked! The issues of the tension between Art and Nature will probably take center stage in this blog. Stay tuned. For now, I am going to move the learning process on to publishing my first post. (I still have yet to get the edit function to work.)

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