Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My son is home, visiting. He has kindly taken me under his wing and has begun to explain the mysteries of blogging. I hope that my blog will begin to improve!. On the last post I commented on Lacock Abbey and its newly replanted border in a walled garden. These pictures represent tutorials on resizing photos into web friendly formats. The Lacock delphiniums came in multiple shades of dazzeling blue and were strongly swaying in the rainy breeze like welcoming ladies at a floral party. You may recognize the Abbey from the first Harry Potter movie. The Abbey survived Henry VIII's distruction by having been bought by one of Henry's supporters (long story there - another time perhaps). He bought the whole town while he was at it. The town and Abbey had remained in the same family until the mid twentieth century - amazing! I urge you to put Lacock on your must see list. By the way, the house built over the Abbey is a Jacobean fantasy - the garden around the house is English Arts and Crafts. Here's a link to some additional photos..


Tim said...

I must have been a monk in a former life. Whenever I visit a monastery or see a picture of a cloister, I feel like I’ve been there before. A very peaceful feeling comes over me and I don’t want to leave.

When I visited New York some years ago, I went to their outstanding Museum called the Cloisters on the northern tip of Manhattan island. The herb garden is still operational and there are medieval music concerts for monastery-lovers like me. I was in heaven!

They didn’t let me stay overnight, so I had to return to our hotel. Ah well, your delphinium picture is also very beautiful and you’re not doing too badly at this blogging game.

Please visit our Gabriola Garden blog to read all about our family’s adventures in gardening off the coast of British Columbia. If you do visit, please leave a comment.

I love history and look forward to visiting your blog often in the future.

Tim, Sara, and the kids

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

vijay shukla said...

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