Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bloom Day, September 15, 2007
I love to look at the garden bloggers' picture on "Bloom Day" (generally the 15th of the month). I have vowed to be aware of dates and get my pictures posted in time - I haven't made it yet but this late entry is a close as I have gotten to date. My garden had run on autopilot for much of August and September while I was on Fire Island. I did manage a good weeding by the 15th and began to top dress the beds with compost. I had started a new shade garden in the spring and added this barrel to a spot that has yet to be planted.

Note: the pics are out of order - just another newby glitch!

I've also got a bumper crop of tall marigolds crowding out various herbs. They really did well in this raised bed. By the front walk my sedum is beginning to bloom and that means that the bees will be back. I love sedum Autumn Joy and struggle with its attraction to bees as I am very allergic to their stings! Finally, for this Bloom Day I included a pot of begonias with one new bloom. I brought this pot indoors last winter and plan to do so again. I find the variety and patterns of leave continually facinating and somewhat humorous.

That's some of what was blooming on the 15th. Today, my asters and salvias have started blooming and the roses are gearing up for a final show but that's for another blog.

Speaking of blogs, bees, and bloom days, check out Carol's bee story on maydreamsgardens on blogger.com - horrific! I've been there Carol!


Carol said...

Thanks for posting for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day! Your gardens look great for this time of year.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Sarah said...

Your sedum look great! Lovely color.