Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jasmine and Snow Drops

February on Long Island is a confusing month. Sixty degrees (F) one day and snow the next. It sets up a whole cycle of hope and then, disappointment. It's not spring but then again, the plant world is stirring and swelling. The first of the snow drops emerged and my winter jasmine is beginning to bloom. Wonderful!!!
For a better picture of snow drops, I direct you to David Perry's garden blog (see link on sidebar). David has a sublime photo blog that is a treat to browse. Thanks Kathy at Cold Climate Gardening for introducing us to David a few months ago.


Heloise Bottomley said...

Snowdrops and lavender sounds like the stuff from fairytales. Thanks for the link :-)

Heloise Bottomley said...

P.S. Kathryn you missed my P.I.F (pay it forward)(You should find it under my older posts) but I would like to make you an honourary receiver. If you don't mind contact me on heloiseb@aaaschool.co.za